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BPM Goal Alignment

Business Goals to Process Alignment Tool

Align Process Initiatives to Strategic Goals.

This easy to use Excel based tool helps you inventory your processes by functional area and then align them to your strategic business goals.

Visually see which have the greatest impact on your goals.

Use one sheet for high level processes, replicate for lower level processes and alignment with department goals

BPM As Is Template

As-Is Process Questionnaire Template

Includes Analysis and To Be "Goals" Template and Example.

Capture the right data consistently.

This 6 page document document template will help you gather as-is process data from your process owners. Use this standard template to capture current challenges, specific metrics and other information that will provide data for analysis and the definition of your to-be process along with key elements needed to perform project prioritization and/or return on investment calculations for BPMS investments.

Consider using in conjunction with a SIPOC template.

BPM Automation Selection

BPMS Automation Candidate Selection Tool

Inventory processes and easily score them by answering simple questions that are likely to be essential decision data points for identifying candidate processes for automation.

You'll be able to clearly rank multiple processes for their ability to get value from a BPMS automation effort.

BPM ROI Spreadsheet

Return on Investment Calculator Tool

Example Provided.

Enter software/hardware/other resource costs along with current processing cost assumptions to project 3 year savings and ROI.

Provides industry data on measures you can use for projected processing costs, cycle time reduction, productivity gains.

A third worksheet provides a listing of potential qualitative benefits to help you make a more complete business case.

A completed example provides is included to provide you with a reference.

BPM Business Case Sample

BPM/S Business Case Template

This document template provides an outline for helping you make a business case for investing in a BPM and/or BPMS solution.

It provides recommendations for sections and sub-sections along with how and where to use the other tools of the tool kit.It includes, for example, where to insert ROI, Project Prioritization and other items that are developed using many of the other tools and templates.

BPM Project Prioritization

BPM Project Prioritization & Trade Off Analysis Tool

Template and Example.

Use trade-off sheet to understand impact on resources

Focus on the right projects and optimize resources

A comprehensive integrated multi-sheet planning tool to help with project prioritization and resource management.

Sheet 1 - Score Projects - enter information on risks, benefits and value based on recommended attributes and weightings The tool auto calculates category scores and produces an easy to read heat map.

Sheet 2 - Analyze/Plot Results - a second sheet plots project using scores into quadrants to illustrate "quick-win" projects (high-value/lowest effort and risk) vs low value/high effort and risk).

Sheet 3 - Trade-Off - Enter budget and resources available against project needs to perform trade-off analysis (which projects should we do based on the resources we have in a given time period?).

BPM Presentation

BPM Educational Presentation

Educate your organization on BPM/S basics.

Clear and concise .ppt slides that will allow you to discuss what your project brings to the table helps you to garner support and understanding inside your organization.

This 13 slide presentation can be used to both aid in making the case for investing in BPM as well as kicking off new projects and educating team members that are likely not to be familiar with BPM/BPMS..

BPM Roles and Skills Spreadsheet

Roles, Skills and Training Matrix

Ensure you have the right skills. Cross check resources against needed roles/skills to identify gaps and training needs.

Use the Role Guide (below) as a reference to help fill in skills requirements.

BPM Role Definition

BPM Role Definition PDF Guide

Define the typical roles involved in a BPMS initiative and their expected participation and responsibilities.

Ensure everyone understands their role(s) and responsibilities for your projects.Follow our guide or use it as a starting point for your own.

BPM Standardized Metrics

Standard Metrics Framework Template

Standardized Metrics Pre and Post-Project Capture Includes Analysis Template and Example

BPM is all about process improvement, so it is important to establish what metrics you will capture and how you will track them in a consistent manner.

This tool provides a framework for the types of metrics you

should consider tracking to standardized metrics across projects.

Track pre and post project metrics to monitor and communicate results.

BPM Program Management and Planning Toolkit