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Return on Investment Calculator Tool

Examples For Single Process and Multiple Processes.

Enter software/hardware/other resource costs along with current processing cost assumptions to project 3 year savings and ROI.

Provides industry data on measures you can use for projected processing costs, cycle time reduction, productivity gains.

A third worksheet provides a listing of potential qualitative benefits to help you make a more complete business case.

A completed example provides is included to provide you with a reference..

BPM Business Case

BPM/S Business Case Template

Outline for making the business case to invest in a BPM/S initiative.

Other tools in the toolkit can help complete various sections of this document.

BPM Intro Presentation

BPM Educational Presentation

Educate your organization on BPM/S basics.

Clear and concise .ppt slides that will allow you to discuss what your project brings to the table helps you to garner support and understanding inside your organization.

This 13 slide presentation can be used to both aid in making the case for investing in BPM as well as kicking off new projects and educating team members that are likely not to be familiar with BPM/BPMS.

BPM Role Definition

BPM Role Definition PDF Guide

Define the typical roles involved in a BPMS initiative and their expected participation and responsibilities.

Ensure everyone understands their role(s) and responsibilities for your projects.Follow our guide or use it as a starting point for your own.

BPM As Is Template

As-Is Process Questionnaire Template

Consistent capture of as-is process information and to be goals from your business users via questionnaire.

Helps provide detailed data for prioritization efforts, ROI efforts and to-be process analysis and design.

BPM To Be Template

SIPOC Map Template

A SIPOC map (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer) is a simple yet very effective method for working with a team to discover the process steps and more important what goals are critical to customer/process success.

This simple document template provides an outline with instructions. Consider using a SIPOC as part of your As-is process requirements data gathering efforts..

BPM Notation Quick Guide

BPMN Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference to the elements of the BPMN notation standard.

BPM Use Case Template

To-Be Process Requirements and Use Case Template

Gather the right data to drive faster project implementation

Defining the to be process is more than a flow diagram. Especially if you plan to implement your process in a workflow/BPMS automation tool. This standard 6 page document template will help guide through the types of information you will need to capture both at the macro level in terms of goals as well as at the micro level in terms of details at each activity.

A use case outline is also provided to help you think and talk thru all the various possible "paths" of your process which can often be missed.

BPM Communication Plan Template

Communication Plan Template

Good communication is key to project success.

Don't underestimate how important it is to establish a clear communication plan when you kick-off a project. This simple yet effective template will ensure you establish the who, what, when and where of your plan and everyone is on the same page.

BPM Project Plan Spreadsheet

BPMS Implementation Project Plan Template

Outline of the typical activities that occur in a BPMS implementation.

BPM Bug and Enhancement Tracking Spreadsheet

Issue/Defect Tracking Tool

For those that may not have a bug tracking  tool. Simple bug tracking tool to track defects found during the test phase of your project.

Consider converting to a Googledoc for on-line collaboration.

BPM Bug and Enhancement Tracking Spreadsheet

Project Results Findings Template

Communicate Results

At the conclusion of each project or phase, it is important to communicate project results to not only your

management but all the participants of your project. This word template offers a nice

outline to follow.

BPM Project Management Toolkit