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Evaluation Planning Guide and Template

Plan and Manage your Evaluation Effectively.

Microsoft Word based Planning guide provides guidance for conducting and managing your evaluation.

Contains a template that captures to-be process requirements for vendor communication on custom demos/trials and or proof of concepts. 

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Evaluation Project Plan Template

Pre-populated with typical evaluation tasks.

Excel based project plan template for task tracking of typical activities in an evaluation project.

BPM Intro Presentation

Vendor Comparison Matrix and Data

Save Countless Hours and provides a non-sponsored, vendor neutral comparison of 27 vendors:

Active Endpoints, AgilePoint, Appian, AuraPortal, Bonitasoft, BizAgi, Cordys, EMC, Fujitsu, Handysoft, Intalio, Integrify, K2, Kofax, Laserfice, IBM, Oracle, OpenText, Progress, Colosa(ProcessMaker),  Pegasystems, Questetra, Red Hat, Software AG, TIBCO, and Ultimus

30 attributes including:

Number of employees, price range, headquarters office, core strengths, major components, platforms supported (windows/Java) and more.

BPM Intro Presentation

RFI/RFP Template

Save time and gather the right data.

BPM Vendor RFI/RFP template with over 257 line items (features/capabilities questions).

Excel based for each scoring.

Save countless hours.

Developing an RFI/RFP can be both challenging and time consuming. Get off on the right foot with this spreadsheet which lists 257 attributes you might include your own RFI/RFP. Each vendor answers the questions and a score is automatically calculated and summarized at the category and entire RFP level.

The results of this RFI/RFP are mapped to our planning and analysis tool which helps you visually analyze and compare the results.

BPM Vendor Analysis Heatmap Spreadsheet

Vendor Comparison Analysis Tool

Easily Compare and Visualize BPM Vendor scores.

Plug vendor scores into this planning tool (aligns to the requirements RFP or use your own attributes) and visually plot for easy vendor comparisons.

Includes questions to use during vendor references calls and plotting to see relative vendor customer satisfaction.

BPM ROI Spreadsheet

Return on Investment Calculator Tool

Example Provided.

Enter software/hardware/other resource costs along with current processing cost assumptions to project 3 year savings and ROI.

Provides industry data on measures you can use for projected processing costs, cycle time reduction, productivity gains.

A third worksheet provides a listing of potential qualitative benefits to help you make a more complete business case.

A completed example provides is included to provide you with a reference.

BPM Business Case Sample

BPM/S Business Case Template

Outline for making the business case to  invest in a BPM/S initiative.

Other tools in the toolkit can help complete various sections of this document.

BPM Communication Plan Template

Vendor Evaluation Communication Plan

Establish a clear communication plan that lays out roles, contacts, regular review meetings, single points of contact, reporting hierarchies and other elements to keep communication flow organized.

BPMS Vendor Evaluation Toolkit